Our beginning

There were so many makeup products out there, but we had no idea what was in them or how these ingredients were sourced. We wanted 100% assurance that our makeup would be completely natural, 100% vegan and sourced responsibly. 

“It all started with a fascination of aromatherapy, natural skin care and mineral makeup.”

Scarcely any supplier fit these criteria so we decided to make our own. Without compromising on quality, we were determined to create a kinder product for our customers. And then, Cosmedic Queen was born! Now we create makeup that’s kind, clean, luxurious and ethical. Discover the minerals that give your skin a natural glow and radiance. Find out how smooth, clean and natural your makeup can be.

Our Products

More than just makeup

Makeup is more than just something you put on your face. Yes, it changes how you look but more importantly, it changes how you feel. Feel the difference of using clean, kind and clear mineral makeup today

Makeup done right

We know you want to be kinder to people, the planet and your skin. That’s why all our mineral makeup is 100% natural, 100% vegan, eco-friendly and ethically sourced. We love makeup just as much as you do. That’s why we want it done right.